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Jing Tang

Jing Tang

President & Founder

Jing Tang is a natural-born leader. Prior to her role as President of Trulife, Jing helped a number of technology companies in the Kitchener-Waterloo area get off the ground as their CFO. She helped to set up them up, get their finances in order and ultimately became an important leader in all of them.

Jing found a way to channel her deep knowledge of the finance and banking sectors, transitioning into the world of real estate development, and hasn’t looked back since. Her background in finance and economics gives her an edge in the industry and she is keen to leave her mark as she grows the Trulife brand.

David Chau, C-RED CIM FMA

Partner & CEO

David Chau is no stranger to the amount of work and dedication it takes to getting a project off the ground, all the way to completion. A Partner at Trulife, David previously worked in sales at a Fortune 500 company and after reaching the coveted position of top salesperson, he walked into the realm of insurance before finally realizing that his heart was always in the finance world.

Leaning on the knowledge he gained through his early years, he started investing and before he knew it, found himself in the real estate and construction industry. David is extremely familiar with the southern Ontario market, having grown up in Toronto and travelled extensively throughout the province. This explains why Trulife’s primary focus for its developments is concentrated here. David holds a BA in economics from Wilfred Laurier University and has earned his Real Estate Development Certification as offered by The REDI Foundation.


Freddy Mak, BA RREB

Freddy Mak, BA RREB

Vice President & Business Development

Building new relationships while strengthening existing ones has always been the formula for success for Freddy Mak. He got his start in the financial industry, working alongside some of Canada’s top money managers, eventually discovering – through a series of deals – his passion for real estate. When Freddy applied his passion to the product, he found opportunities in sales, marketing, and development.

Extensive travelling and networking abroad has helped Freddy create an international real estate network across the globe. He has continued to nurture his connections across various marketing sectors including advertising, project management, digital media and public relations and has established a reputation amongst industry leaders as one of the most honest, professional, and respected real estate partners in the city of Toronto. Freddy holds a Bachelor of Arts Specialist degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto.

Sam Pordell, PMP, P.ENG, mba, dr.ba


Construction Vice President

With over 26 years of experience in construction, DR. Sam Pordell is an award-winning and highly respected expert in the construction and engineering fileds. He has several published articles regarding construction and the environment. He also has many designations to his name, including PMP, P.ENG,MBA, AND DR.BA.

Dr Pordell has demonstrated leadership through every step of his accomplished career. With an international career around the world, he is particularly experienced with building in Canada, including Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. He takes a hands-on approach to every project. With comprehensive strategic planning and a responsible investing approach, he guarantees the long-term success of every project. This strategy results in maximum profits while enabling competitive advantages for Trulife Homes to better serve its clients.

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